Rules for Stories sections (text or comics)

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Rules for Stories sections (text or comics)

Post by arman on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:19 pm

Rules for Stories sections (text or comics):-

1. It is highly appreciated if a member understands the environment of the forum (i.e. how to post, how to share things etc.) before to start a topic, especially a story

2. Do not share copyrighted stories. It can be removed on the request of original writer after necessary verification.

3. To avoid and save your reputation, if you are posting a story of some other writer, give credit to him / her.

4. One story (with updates) should be posted in a single topic. Do not create different topics for updates of a single story.

5. Story showing hatred against any race, religion, country or region will be removed, when noticed / reported.

6. Poorly written stories can also be removed, if there are sufficient negative comments are there on the topic.

7. Since, the writers, writing a long story, are well aware that they will post periodic updates of the story, it is their moral responsibility to share the updates periodically and regularly and try to complete their stories. Everyone has matters with their real life, but still it's request to give some time to their stories, as they create fans and readers on the basis of story and they should respect it. It is very frustrating for a reader not to read the stories of their interest.

8. Readers are also requested to appreciate each and every story they like. It will surely encourage more and more to post for you.

9. for Readers: keep your comments, appreciation, criticism to the story only. No one is ever allowed to comment on the writer.

10. Such stories, which remain incomplete or their updates are not being posted for more than 45 days, will be thrown to the waste basket i.e. "Incomplete Stories" board. However, if a writer comes back and wants to start updating the story again he / she can request the moderators through personal messages and that story will again be placed in its original section.

11. Since attachments of pics have been disabled for the forum. therefore, if you want to share a story through some images or comics, please upload them on some image hosting website like, and then share those images here.

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